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Alda / Nov 08, 2016
As you all have read, I hope, the announcement of Frost Wing Lair has been posted on the VG forums.

And a friendly reminder to you all: When it gets released, we will push Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and all concurrent days in a row until we get it down before everyone else. So, take this time to warn your family that you will be gone for a week or so, when it finally comes.

Sins posted on the VG forums that the wing will be released at the end of this year, but from our personal experience, it will most likely be postponed. But a man can dream, can't he?

Evabraun / Aug 11, 2016
Guess whose back in the motherfuckin' house with a fat dick for your motherfuckin' mouth? Let's make VG great again!

As today is Aug. 11th, our summer break period is officially over. I hope all those who took advantage of the break had a great summer and are ready to come back. I also hope the new people who have joined during our summer break plan to stick with us and thank them for helping us stay active in our time of rest and relaxation.

Now, after all that being said, all pre-summer break rules go into effect TODAY. That means, if you are not showing up to raids, you will be demoted -- unless you have spoken with your Class Leader or an Officer with valid reasons. This also means that full cons, focus and teamwork is expected as a bare minimum.

Welcome back and lets make slay,

The Officer Team
Lulluby / Jun 09, 2016
With summer already on our heels, it's no surprise that raiding indoors stands no chance to the wonders of beautiful weather.
That's why the officers have decided that giving some time-off for our raiders to regain their full strength and motivation should be an option they can take.
During the period of June 11th to August 11th, raids will NOT be mandatory. Meaning that players who were active up till now will get to keep their rank safely until August 12th, after that - we're back on track raiding as usual.
During this semi-break, the guild DKP decay will change a bit and will be more reflective towards how optional raiding is going.
Getting 300 dkp from raiding in a week (on 3 days) will result in a -5% dkp decay to the whole guild. Getting under 300 dkp from a week's raiding will result in no DKP decay for anyone.

This being said, we hope those who choose to take the rest are back to us when the time comes and we can storm the content once again!

-The Officer team