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Alda / Dec 10, 2015
After speaking with the other officers and CL about raiding during holiday, this is what we agreed on:

  • Sunday 20/12**
  • Wednsday 23/12*
  • Thursday24/12 X-mas
  • Sunday 27/12**
  • Wednsday 30/12*
  • Thursday 31/12 New Years eve

** Mandatory. * Optional

We will keep raiding as mutch as posssible so we dont loose focus for DK wing!

Also dont forget to make sure you know all the new fights like the back of your hand, read the guides that are made, some are longer then others but just as important. The more aspects of a fight you know, the bigger chance of succes.

Instructor Razuvious:

Gothik the Harvester:

The Four Horsemen:

Buxx / Aug 16, 2015
Dear future me,

we had a fantastic summer break, but as you can see I used "had". This sadly means the summer is over, or atleast the holidays. So with fresh energy the famous Goldshire Golfclub left the beach and is back on the green, ready to win another Major. Downing Patchwerk already was a good move, but in the end it doesn't even matter (as Krepo would say, or was it LP?). DK WING, YOU'RE NEXT!

EDIT: Thaddius is also dead! KT YOU ARE NEXT!

credit for the picture goes to Kurau, HIJOSDELALUZ